hackers earned more than 52.2 BTC (Bitcoin)

The perpetrators behind the WannaCry ransomware attack


that occurred earlier this year decided to withdraw their money on Wednesday (2/8/2017) evening local time.

In the action, hackers earned more than 52.2 BTC (Bitcoin) or about US $ 145 thousand (Rp 1.9 billion). Surprisingly, until now Bitcoin in three accounts is not at all touched.

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Citing reports from Elliptic via PCMag, Friday (4/7/2017), the perpetrator suddenly empty three Bitcoin addresses that are known to be associated with WannaCry ransomware attacks.

Still in the same report, the company that identifies the banned Bitcoin activity knows the action of fund disbursement through Twitter bot made by Quartz reporter Keitch Collins.

The Twitter bot noted, in the seven payments made for 15 minutes, Bitcoin in the account immediately withdrawn. No information yet where the fund was sent, or what it would be used for.

For information, the world was shocked by WannaCry’s ransomware attack in May 2017 and caused various business lines in more than 150 countries to lose.

In the action, the hacker encrypts the victim data and demands some payment in the form of a digital currency or Bitcoin to obtain a data encryption key.

Luckily, a British researcher accidentally found a way to stop the attack. *

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