Bitcoin Investment Sites that Still Pay and Collapse 2017

Collection of Bitcoin Investment Sites that Still Pay and Collapse 2017


Investment bitcoin 2017 is now more and more favored by many people because it can bring coffers bitcoin quickly and easily. But it is constrained because many of his investment sites abal-abal that ultimately not get to but instead get stuck. The result is money floating in vain.

Indeed this is a risk if my friend invest, because the money will buddy plant given to the second party to be doubled. Not a few people who succeed and fail in this bitcoin investment.

Collection of Bitcoin Investment Sites Still Paying 2017

Bitcoinq – Investment bundle of bitcoin 2017


Because of the many people who suffered losses due to investment sites abal-abal then I will personally provide a list of list of sites that still pay up to this day. Sites that I will share are sites that have been running for over 1 year and are judged legit by many people and I personally.

List below is a list of investments in bitcoin form and some are in dollars. Here’s the list

List of Bitcoin Investment Sites

Playtagg (Investment of bitcoin form, Credit card and bank transfer)
Recyclix (Invest in bitcoin and credit card)
Koinwork (Investment bank transfer rupiah)
Bitconnect (Invest in bitcoin)
List Site Collapsed / Not Paying

Mypayingcryptoads (Invest in bitcoin)
Mypayingads (Invetations in dollar PM, Payza, Bitcoin)

That is the list of investment sites in the form of bitcoins and dollars that still pay up to today and has run for at least 1 year. For koinwork sites, and the new bitconnect runs for approximately 6 months.

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Although only run 6 months but categorized into sites that still pay in the long term because the site really has a company and much in demand by people to make an investment.

All of the above investments have been brief explanation of how the investment system works, my friend can read and read to be more understanding.

Similarly, articles on biting invoices that still pay, may be useful for my friend who wants to invest by using bitcoin or digital currency.

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You need to remember and understand that investment can be inactive anytime and do not pay anymore but, in the next 1 year I believe that list can survive even if not 100%. So I personally will not be responsible for the losses that are experienced yes.

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